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April 7, 2024

The Seder Ritual and the Formation of Community: 2024, 25th Annual Rapoport Lecture

Rabbi David Silber

Rabbi David Silber

David Silber is the founder and dean of Drisha Institute for Jewish Education in New York and Israel. Rabbi Silber received ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. He is a recipient of the Covenant Award, for excellence in innovative Jewish education, and is the author of A Passover Haggadah: Go Forth and Learn (Jewish Publication Society 2011), For Such a Time as This: Biblical Reflections in the Book of Esther (Koren Publishers 2017), and Malkhut Adam: Iyunim Bsefer Shmuel (Maggid 2021). He is also a nationally acclaimed lecturer on the Bible. Rabbi Silber is married to Dr. Devora Steinmetz. They have eight children and live in New York City.

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The Haggadah states that in every generation, one must see oneself as personally participating in the Exodus. How can we possibly fulfill this mandate? What does this entail? Is it sufficient just to sit at the Seder table, or is it more required of us? Rabbi David Silber will teach us how the Seder ritual actually assists each of us in fulfilling this challenging assignment.